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Eating Through Time

October 17, 2015

The New York Academy of Medicine

Eating Through Time celebrates the connections bewteen health, medicine and the arts.

Scholars, chefs and artists speak about the role of food from our past to present. Questions like how and why our food choices change with age and the cultural influences that effect our food connections.

A series of talks held at the New York Academy of Medicine embraces the importance of food and the relationship we have with food from a young age well into old age.

Evelyn Kim the guest curator did an excellent job moderating the panels and highlightling each curated talk.

The Food and Vibrant Aging talk included panelists Amy Beaudreault, Meryl Rosofsky, Robert E.Graham and Betty Fussell all experts in the food industry shared their own research and food relationships.

Robert E.Graham,MD, is director of integrative health at North Shore Long Island Health System. Emphasizing the importance of gut health and early exposure to cuisines at a young age to help build food roots. Explaining his Fare Wellness Program and the Power of 9 plus introducing his new Victory Garden rooftop at Lenox Hill Hospital a source for healthy cooking for the medical residents that is important for the communities well being.

Betty Fussell a sparkling dynamic 88 year old author of eleven books her latest book,  How to Cook A Coyote: A Manual of Survival. Betty explained how taste changes as we get older and says it's okay have ice cream, eating what we like occasionally is good for you. Living the Caliterrean life diet in Casa Dorinda, a retirement community in Montecito, Californina, Betty's spice for life is thriving.

Alex Plotkin expert food scientist, consultant and researcher is determined to update the food industry. Instead of beef maybe lab grown meat. Alternative eating such as growing soy in space or insects, miracle berries and 3-d printing are becoming the norm. Alex helps chefs and businesses with his food innovations like turning lemon rinds into pellet fuel to cook food.

Another highlight was the talk with super Chef Jacques Pepin, the author and PBS-TV cooking host shared his food memoirs. From cooking for Charles to Gaulle classic French cuisne to meeting Julia Childs in 1960 and learning how to cook from his mother and close family members. Jacques Pepin continues to create savory recipes and enlightens us in the kitchen as a master chef.


A Place at the Table the documentary film produced in 2012 by directors Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush. The film travels through out the States showing true food insecurities, a moving film that brings attention to ending hunger the United States. Tom Colicchio was also present supporting the movement Great Nations Eat a media campaign to help end hunger.

Upcoming Eating Through Time Talks with Professor Fredrick Douglass Opie on October 29 and Prf. Paul Freedman  on November 19 , these talks will continue to explore the importance of food in our lives.

Written by: Vasi. K


Amy Beaudreault, Meryl Rosofsky, Robert Graham, Betty Fussell

Evelyn Kim, Amy Bentley, Josh Evans, Alex Plotkin

Jacques Pepin and Evelyn Kim

Lori Silverbush and Tom Colicchio